When we first started our sales consulting in Detroit back in 1999, working with clients in some ways was a lot easier as there were so many traditional media choices, and if done properly, they all worked.  Now mass media is no longer mass, and the choices are greater, which has led to a lot of procrastination by owners…or waiting for the fields to grow.  So, the question is:

Are you a “Farmer”?  Farmer characteristics:

  • NO SALES DEPARTMENT:  Relying on the Principal Shopping District or Mall marketing is risky.  You have little control.
  • LOW CONVERSION RATE:  With no promotion going on, prospective customers have no loyalty.  They shop but don’t buy.
  • WAIT FOR MALL TRAFFIC:  Or traffic from successful stores around yours.  If you have no brand or reputation, the sale becomes tougher.

Be a “Hunter”!  Hunter characteristics:

  • ACTIVE WITH SOCIAL MEDIA:  Post.  Post.  Post.  Engage your prospects continually.
  • ACTIVE WITH INFUENCERS:  Who is speaking to your customers these days?  Do what it takes to get in on the conversation.
  • ACTIVE WITH STAFF:  Make sure they know what’s selling and how to sell it.  If you’re in apparel, dress them up in what you sell.  
  • ASSOCIATIONS:  Are you a member of associations directly related to your business and/or your customers?
  • SOCIAL AND BUSINESS GROUPS:  How about Rotary or BNI, and similar groups?  Get to know people who know you and your company.
  • BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU:  Just being a member adds to your ability to close prospects, especially if you’re B2B.
  • SPONSORSHIPS:  Several of our clients sponsor sports teams, sometimes with money, sometimes by trade.  It’s a great tie-in that many prospects value and identify with.
  • ADVERTISING:  There are so many ways to advertise inexpensively and effectively today.  A minimum of 3% of net should be allocated to this channel.

Are you going to wait for sales to come to you, or are you going to go out and hunt them down?  Onward & upward!