What Our Search Engine Optimization Services Include

When it comes to SEO, there is no button to push or single tactic that will get you more leads. It’s a process that involves tweaking everything about your website and your brand’s internet presence to improve how Google ranks your entire website, across all pages. 

The key word here is “process”. It takes some time and it takes a lot of different work to be done. That is why we pride ourselves on being a full-service SEO agency that handles every aspect of optimizing your website. 

Here are just a few of these services: 

  • We will write fresh, new content for your website using the latest software to ensure that all writing on your site is high-quality and optimized for SEO. This allows your website to rank for new keywords, expanding your audience. We also strategically rewrite content on your site, boosting your ranking on certain keywords to get you even more visitors and even more leads. 
  • Our tech team has a deep understanding of the latest code needed to be included on the backend of your website to get you the most traffic. We will use the latest in structured data and metadata to improve the look of your website’s listing on Google to bring in more clicks.
  • Local Search is key to bringing in leads. That is why we manage your Google Business Profile, Apple Listing, Angi, Bing Places, and Yelp pages to be fully optimized.
  • We handle your social media, establishing your brand and drawing in clicks by writing consistent posts that point to your site. If you don’t have social media profiles, we’ll even set them up for you. 
  • You get one free explainer video per year. This is written, shot, and edited by us and is built to be the perfect addition to your website or social media. 

All of these services focus on E-A-T. Google wants to provide the best experience to its users. That means doing what they can to ensure that the top businesses on their SERPs are the best options available. To do this, Google uses its algorithm to determine which businesses have E-A-T, or Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. 

The services that we offer are built with this in mind, we lay out to Google why your brand has each of these qualities. With this, and time, you will steadily rank higher and higher for all of the best keywords.