SALES MIXED, MOSTLY STRONG: Demand is strong in most markets for home services. We are seeing some slowdowns in home remediation services. That all changes with the weather, but unusually slow in most places.

Remodeling is staying strong and people are keeping their homes and not moving. Windows and doors are strong. Lots of interest in Google Ads for roof repair. Homeowners who have to do it are shopping so getting your name out there for quotes is a great feature of Google Ads.

MORTGAGE RATE REDUCTION IN SEPTEMBER?: The Federal Reserve System is certainly not committed, but factors are beginning to align for such a cut. According to the CBOE Fed Ranker Probability Tool:

September Rate Cut Probability: 71%

November Rate Cut Probability: 88%

December Rate Cut Probability: 94%

With 60% of all mortgages at a 4% rate or under, homeowners need to see a lower rate to make a move to a new home within their budget. People moving into new homes means business for all of us!

Onward & Upward!


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