As you look to expand lead sources for your roofing business, you may have come across Google Guaranteed, also known as Google Local Services Ads. Depending on your market and your business, this may be a good source of leads. It is definitely worth testing to see if it’s right for you. However, without the right guidance in setting up and running your Google Local Services Ads, you may be wasting your chance for efficient lead generation.

How Google Guaranteed Works

Google Guaranteed, or Google Local Services Ads, is a new paid method for roofers to connect with prospects and generate leads.

Google Local Services Ads should not be confused with Google Ads, formerly known as Google Adwords. While Google Ads is a way for you to pay for clicks to your website, putting you at the top of the Search Results page, Google Local Services Ads allows you to pay directly for phone calls.

You will appear at the top of the page for keywords such as “roofers” and “roofers near me”. Your Google Local Services Ads listing will show your name, your reviews, your new Google Guaranteed badge showing your verification from Google, and a phone number. This phone number is a tracking number from Google. As soon as anyone calls that number, your credit card will be hit with a charge, with cost depending on a number of factors.

You can dispute the charge in situations where the call is coming from outside of your service areas or is for a different service than you provide.

How Superior Home Services Marketing Can Help

Our goal is to help make the difficult simple with our expertise. While Google Local Services Ads is a straightforward program, there are some intricacies that can be confusing for new users. A big one here is at startup with verification. The verification process looks like this:

  • Roofer License: The exact details vary by state, but they are looking for a state license, including the business name that appears on the license, the license number, and the expiration date.
  • Proof of Insurance: You will need a policy that covers $100,000.
  • Background Check: This comes from a third-party called Evident, which asks for certain information, some of which varies by state.
  • Customer Reviews: This will be checked automatically by Google.
  • Budget: While they want you to set a weekly budget right away, this can be changed later.
  • Billing Information: You will need a credit card here, which can be updated later.

As part of your SEO services, we not only help you get set up, walking you through each of the steps and submitting documents as well as communicating with Google on your behalf, but we ensure that you understand every aspect of your dashboard to help you understand how to best run everything properly. This means ensuring that your profile is optimized to draw in the most calls, as well as working with you on a method to maximize a return on investment.

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