Other Marketing Services for Roofers

Social media Ads are powerful tools to build awareness for your company, but it will take more than that to bring in all the leads you need. As a full-service marketing agency, we know how to leverage all of the digital tools at our disposal. So while our social media ads build awareness of your business, these other services will finish the job by pushing sales lead generation:

  • Search Engine Optimization: Any marketing agency worth its salt knows strong SEO is an essential element of the industry. We will write content targeted for keywords in the roofing industry, and Google will push that content higher up its page rankings. Our content also convinces Google of your company’s authoritativeness and trustworthiness. All of these factors work in tandem to generate leads.
  • Website Design: It will be next to impossible to convert website visitors into leads if your website is not up to snuff. Our I.T. department is fully equipped to make any changes to your company site to help turn traffic into leads. If you don’t have a website to speak of, we can handle that as well.
  • Google Ads: Like social media ads, Google Ads will shoot right to the top of Google’s homepage in relevant searches. We’ll handle the setup and execution of the campaign. This feature allows us to keep your company out of specific keyword searches. We can even track the performance of the ads in real-time.
  • Google Guaranteed Leads: With this feature, Google will push you to the top of its search results, just like with Google Ads. Unlike Google Ads, you’ll be charged when someone calls your number (a tracking number provided by Google) rather than someone simply clicking on your ad. You will also receive a badge showing your verification with Google that will appear with your business.
  • Traditional Advertising: Of course, classic forms of marketing haven’t gone out the window in the digital age. We can help bring in local leads with billboard marketing campaigns.

Once we have our preliminary meeting, we can decide which of our services best aligns with your goals and budget.