All home services contractors want sales leads.  Of course, it’s the lifeblood of a profitable and growing concern.  It’s never more evident than in slower times for many of us when inflation is causing people to spend more judiciously.  What can you do to ease the pain?


  1.  GETTING LEADS IS A LONG-TERM PLAN:  You must have a sales strategy and set goals for every quarter and for every year.
  2. A SAD HISTORY OF BUYING LEADS:  This has been the “sales strategy” for thousands of businesses for decades.  Depends on your selling process.  Especially true in Home Services.  
  3. WHEN LEADS DRY UP:  When the big wigs in Washington decide to cool inflation, any of you in real estate, moving, or major appliances are the first affected because the cost of money goes up and major purchases go down.
  4. NEEDING TO GET MORE LEADS NOW:  When the owner wants more leads, and you have little or no Brand, they look at their website to produce them…NOW.  But:
    1. The website has not been optimized.
    2. The website is nowhere near Page One of Google for any keyword phrase.
    3. The business calls an SEO company for fast first aid.
  5. SEO IS MARKETING:  It takes time.  When you first opened your doors, it took time to get customers, right?  SEO is no different, and awareness is always the problem.  You have to REACH potential customers and STAND OUT from your competition.
  6. CUSTOMER AWARENESS MEDIA HAS BEEN MONOPOLIZED:  Over 90% of people looking to buy now go to a search engine first, and Google has about a 95% market share.  That means there’s lots of competition for customers’ attention, and expecting SEO Marketing to get you leads “overnight” is not possible and shows a certain lack of understanding.
  7. GOOGLE TESTS YOUR WEBSITE BEFORE PROMOTING IT:  We can’t prove it, but from over a decade of experience, we know it’s true.  They take 60-90 days to put ranking changes into place because they are protecting their customers to make sure they are showing the best sites with the best information.  
  8. YOU NEED TO ADVERTISE TODAY:  And for many of you, that means Google AdWords, now called Google Ads.  Just think of it, your website is shown on Page One of Google within a few days of your campaign being launched…and it’s targeted to your best customer.  Marketing is not “the push of a button”.  It is a long-term strategy.  The sooner you get started, the more revenue you’ll have…but be mindful it doesn’t happen overnight.

Onward and upward!

For more information:  https://superiorhomeservicesmarketing.com/seo-for-roofers/