Social Media Advertising for Roofers

Another format for digital advertising is social media. This is a form of PPC advertising that has grown in recent years. The biggest difference between Google Ads and social media advertising is that social media sites allow us to target based on audience demographics, as opposed to targeting certain keywords.

Here at Superior Home Services Marketing, our goal is to be a resource to you, which is why we tailor our social media advertising to fit your brand. This is the reason that we mainly use Facebook and LinkedIn to match the potential customers of your roofing company. We have a deep understanding of how these platforms work and the knowledge needed to get the most out of these campaigns.

This is a great method for increasing the awareness of your brand, as opposed to directly bringing in leads. 


Google Local Service Ads

This last method of digital advertising is a bit different. While Google Ads and Social Media Advertising have more of a pay-per-click element, Google Local Service Ads are, in effect, a pay-per-lead service. 

Here is how it works: 

  • You verify your business. This is an arduous process that takes about 8-weeks and involves background checks, sharing with them your license and insurance, and Google taking a look to verify your reviews.
  • Next, you’ll set a budget. Once your campaign is running, you will be in a bidding war with your competitors to get leads. 
  • Google will show a Google-generated number that forwards to your phone, along with a couple of other options, at the top of the Google Results Page. Any time that someone calls this number, you will be charged a certain amount of money, depending on the location and the number of competitors bidding.
  • All calls are recorded, which allows you to flag any nonapplicable calls, such as people out of your location, spam calls, or people that wanted a different service than you provide, and send them to Google, who will then not charge you for those calls. 

With Superior Home Services Marketing, we handle the entire setup process for you to make sure you are verified and getting the right leads. A great part about this service is that, once you are verified, you can flip your campaign off and on again at a moment’s notice so that you only pay for leads when you need them.