The big news here is that for the first time, Google is able to enforce its Quality Guidelines, so while they have been around for a while, they were issued but not able to be truly enforced.  Now, with AI, they are, and that has caused many sites to be downgraded…many off of Page 1.  This is a killer for all of us in Home Services who depend on Google leads for our roofing, HVAC, plumbing and electrical businesses.

What does this mean for you?

  • PAGE 1 OF GOOGLE MEANS MORE LEADS:  As you know, 90% of searchers never search beyond Page 1.  If they don’t see your website, you can’t get a lead.
  • PAGE 1 LISTING REQUIRES “HIGH-QUALITY CONTENT”:  This is defined in the Google Quality Rater Guidelines.
    • Factually accurate information pages
    • Engaging and interesting content
    • Content that’s industry-focused and increases a reader’s understanding of a topic
    • Content that’s written for users, not just for search engines
    • Content that provides information people are actually looking for
    • Content that doesn’t mislead people with deceptive titles
    • Content that includes images, layout, and page speed
  • ALL PAGES MUST BE HIGH QUALITY:  Any medium to low-quality pages will still cause your site to be not of High Quality and ranked lower.
  • NEW ALGORITHMS STARTED AUGUST 2022: It took a while for the Google machines to read the websites and begin to evaluate them.  Some started losing rank last November, some are still falling as the update keeps getting updated further.

That’s enough for today.  This is a lot, we know…and there’s still more to come, but this gives you an idea of where your site needs to be.

Onward and upward!

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