Here’s something that you can do all on your own without needing to follow Google’s Quality Raters Guidelines:  It’s create…if you don’t already have one… update and write with great detail about your company on your website’s About Us page.  Here’s why:

  1. HIGHLY SEARCHED:  Our more than decade of experience optimizing websites proves that on almost all websites, this page is viewed either first or second after the prospect views your Homepage.
  2. PEOPLE WANT TO KNOW WHO THEY ARE DOING BUSINESS WITH:  Take a chapter from the Realtors and insurance agents who put their picture on their yard signs and business cards.  These are huge organizations that have plenty of research to prove that people want to see you.  This can be true of even large companies.  People want to know about the leadership and where you’re based. 
  3. MEET THE TEAM:  There are plenty of ways of composing your page, such as:
    1. Management Team:  Here you have a headshot of each member with their name, title…and sometimes how long they have worked for you.
    2. Staff:  This is optional, but if it works, pictures of employees who will be interacting with the prospect.
    3. Office Staff:  Headshots of staff members here.
  4. BIOGRAPHIES OF OWNERS:  Tell your story as it affects this business.  How you got started, your journey, where you are today and what you believe in.  Don’t skimp.  Prospects are looking for your expertise.
  5. PLENTY OF PHOTOS:  Of office, building, operations. People are judging you and deciding whether to buy from you.  Impress them!

Onward and upward!

For more information: https://superiorhomeservicesmarketing.com/blog/improve-your-conversions-with-ai-in-google-ads-1-minute-read/