There’s a lot of chatter out there about AI and how it’s going to change how customers find your business.  Here are some answers to the questions we get asked the most:


  • WHAT SHOULD I DO ABOUT MY WEBSITE?  Make sure it measures up with Google’s “Helpful Content Guidelines” as well as E-E-A-T.  Don’t know what that means?  Check with your webmaster or our Help Desk, 9-5 M-F Eastern Time.
  • WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER SEARCH ENGINES?  Microsoft is finally getting a little more traction with Bing, and some new search engines are appearing from Antropic, Perplexity and OpenAI, but they just don’t have the “billions of data” advantage to challenge Google in our opinion.
  • GOOGLE HAS A 20-YEAR HEAD START:  We believe that puts them in a class by themselves.  Will some of the new search engines give them some competition and divert prospects to them?  Yes.  But the commanding share that Google has is not going to be halved or anywhere close to it in the near term.
  • WE’RE SEARCH ENGINE NEUTRAL. We want the best results for you.  If that means following Google’s guidelines today and until proven wrong, we will do so.  
  • IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT TRAFFIC:  It’s about the “right” traffic.  The qualified traffic.  AI is having a bigger and bigger influence on determining which user is the best conversion for you.  We’re already seeing a big difference in Google Ads (AdWords) conversions.  

Yes, Search is changing like never before, but you are not at a disadvantage compared to your competitor if you follow Google’s guidelines. In fact, you may be at an advantage. Stay tuned!


Onward and upward