How to Maximize Roofing PPC Conversion

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Pay-Per-Click advertising can be a great way to get roofing leads quickly. However, if your paid ad campaign isn’t optimized, you could be throwing your money down the drain. If you want to get the most out of your roofing PPC campaign to maximize your conversion and get leads now for your roofing business, take a look at these important tips.

Use the Right Platform

There are multiple pay-per-click advertising platforms, and they target different audiences. Choosing the right one will determine whether your ad gets shown to the right people.

Social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn are PPC platforms for Awareness Advertising, while Google Ads (Formerly known as Google Adwords) is great for lead generation.

As a roofing company, your goal is to get leads. Awareness Advertising is not efficient and is a waste of money in this industry. Use Google Ads to target only people who are looking for roofers to have truly efficient advertising.

Optimize Your Location

While it is tempting to put in every area that you service, this may not be the best idea to optimize your Roofing PPC.

Your budget is going to get spent either way. It’s best to get the most out of it by going to the best areas and hitting the right target market.

A couple of things to consider when setting your location are: Which areas match your target audience in terms of age and income, which areas are most cost-effective for you to service, and which areas do you currently do the most business in?

Consider Your Bid Strategy

Google understands that different businesses have different goals when using Google Ads. That is why they have created five different bid strategies to fit your ad to meet your goals. These include:

  1. Smart Bidding: Machine learning from Google optimizes your ad for efficient conversions. If you’re trying to get qualified leads for your roofing company, this is the one to use.
  2. Cost-Per-Click: Built with the goal of getting people to your site.
  3. Cost-Per-Thousand Impressions: Your ad will be shown as many times as possible. This is ideal for Awareness Advertising through Google.
  4. Cost-Per-Thousand Viewable Impressions: This is a type of Cost-Per-Thousand Impressions that ensures that your ad will be fully rendered on someone’s screen.
  5. Cost-Per-View: This is a bid strategy for videos specifically. You will be charged for each view of your video.

For roofing PPC, Smart Bidding is key. Google has done a good job of improving its machine learning to make this method the best way of getting the highest conversion rate for the money you spend on pay-per-click.

Monitor Your Search Terms

When managing your Google Ads campaign, you will want to keep an eye on your Search Terms.

Search Terms are queries that have been looked up on Google that your Google Ad has appeared for. They are not the keywords that you put in your campaign, but variations of those keywords. For example, if you put “roofers near me” as a keyword, your ad could be a result for the search “best roofers near me”.

This is a way for Google to get Ads on every search result, considering 15% of search queries are new, according to Google. The issue is that not every one of these searches may be relevant to you. Luckily, Google gives you the opportunity to mark these Search Terms as “Negative”, meaning you will not appear for them again. This is vital for appearing for the right searches to get meaningful traffic to your site, leading to quality roofing leads.

Take Advantage of Remarketing

In addition to your regular Google Ads campaign, you can supplement your advertising with Remarketing. This is an option on Google Ads to follow people that visited your site and show your ad to them as they use other websites.

These ads appear a little differently, as they are graphics, not text ads. However, that gives you the opportunity to create eye-catching graphics or create a unique discount to help up your conversion.

This is a more cost-effective way to advertise and is a good campaign to run alongside the rest of your Google Ads.

Responsive Headlines are Key

You can do everything to get your ad in front of the right people, but if you don’t have an ad written to hook people in, then it’s all for nothing.

That is why it is useful to use Responsive Headlines for your Google Ads. With this feature, you put in a number of headlines and a number of descriptions. Google then uses its algorithm to combine these into an ad. They will test out different combinations and learn which gets the best response from their audience. With this, your most effective ad will be shown the most.

We suggest putting a good variety of content in your headlines and descriptions. Use a combination of roofing specials and different, unique aspects of your company (Such as being family-owned, having 20+ years of experience, etc.) to make your PPC ad copy stand out.

Consider Partnering with a Digital Ad Agency

If you’re unsure about optimizing your PPC advertising campaign, consider looking for a digital agency that offers Roofing PPC Services.

By going with an experienced agency to handle your PPC management, you can feel confident that paid advertising is being handled correctly. With the right marketing efforts, paid search can be beneficial to your roofing company, but you have to be sure that it is completely optimized, or else you are wasting money. That is why you need a digital ad agency that has experience with Google Ads management for roofing companies.