We’ve looked at it from all angles and we’ve come to realize that the old adage “people like to buy, but they hate to be sold to” is now more true than ever.  What does this mean for you in generating more sales?   Here’s our read:

  1. ADVERTISING:  Has its place but is expensive if not well targeted.  Your choices:
    1. Google Ads, formerly AdWords.  Why?  Google Ads appear on Page One of a Google Search.  Most people never search beyond Page One. In fact, the first website listed on Page One of Google has a 34.36% click-through rate per SalesLion research.
    2. Facebook reaches older men and women alike (45 years old plus in our research), but it’s “awareness” advertising.  Unless you have something new to announce that has broad appeal, you’re wasting money here.  Under 35, consider IG or TikTok.
    3. Broadcast—Radio, TV, Cable.  All are still viable if you have a broad target.
    4. O-T-T:  A good choice for Broadcast quality but with targeting.  Not as good a “sale event” tool as a branding tool.
  2. EMAIL MARKETING:  This has a high return on investment if you have a customer list, but if not, it has low results, and we’ve even experimented with it against third-party lists with little results.
  3. SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION): It’s where you need to be now more than ever based on the above analysis because your business can be found by people looking to use roofing services, and they found you themselves, so they don’t feel like they’re being sold to.  SEO is not easy.  SEO is not the push of a button, but it does have tremendous sales potential and just gets bigger and bigger for your sales when done right.  Plus, our research shows that the average duration of a visitor to a site from Organic is more than twice that from other sources, including ads.

Onward and upward!

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