Right now, 95% of your online prospects are finding you on Google.  That may change very soon.  So, getting your website ranked on Page One or as close to Page One as possible has never been more important.  Here’s why:

  • CONVERSATIONAL SEARCHING:  To compete with Google, Bing…and now…are rolling out “generative AI’ in their search engines.  It’s “generative” because it can predict and write the next word.  It is “AI” because it can read its stored database and provide you with an answer.
  • WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?  No more “10 blue lines” of search results like you have been seeing forever for your business on Google. Now, the search engine listens to your query, and it looks up and determines the answer itself…but not 10 answers anymore.
  • NO MORE PAGE AFTER PAGE OF CHOICES:  The AI in the search engine does the research itself and provides the choices for you. 
  • YOU SPEAK INTO YOUR PHONE…IT PRINTS OUT THE ANSWERS:  In other words, it reviews the websites, chooses the one(s) it sees as most relevant and provides its answer.
  • WHY IS YOUR BRANDING SO IMPORTANT?  If you don’t have a brand with a high-ranking website, the search engine may not find it nor include your site in its answer.  
  • CONSUMER ACCEPTANCE IS STILL UNKNOWN:  We know Alexa and Siri were not widely accepted, so maybe Conversational Searching using Generative AI will not be either but is not preparing for it worth the risk?

You decide, but make no mistake, Google is not going to take a back seat to these new competitors, so some sort of AI is coming to Google Search too…and its name is Gemini.  Stay tuned!

Onward & Upward!

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